Bob has more than 25 years experience with Hydraulic Presses and related equipment. He has worked with Hydrotech Engineering, Inc for 15 years in Fluid Power Applications, System Design, Fabrication, Assembly, Testing, Sales, Field Installations and Customer Servicing within the following industries:

  • Hydraulic Press Systems and Application
  • Metal Forming Machines and Equipment
  • Industrial Hydraulic Systems Design and Service

He is thoroughly knowledgeable with all current industry codes and standards including; ANSI, NFPA, SAE, JIC and NEC. He is also experienced with all industrial Hydraulic Pumps and related components, including;

  • Oilgear and "HPM" Radial Piston Hydraulic Pumps
  • Vickers, Denison, Racine/Bosch, Rexroth Vane and Axial Piston Pumps
  • Compensator and P/Q Controlled Pumps and Controls
  • Load Sensing and Remote Pump Controls
  • Complete array of Gear Pumps

Bob is highly experienced in unique applications requiring proportional and servo-controlled valves, including;

  • Open-loop and Closed-loop Hydraulic Systems
  • Position and Pressure-controlled Circuits with Feedback
  • Complete Application Analysis and System Designs
  • Complate System Diagnostics and Field Service Support

He is also trained and experienced in Oil Conditioning and Fluid Analysis with specialization in;

  • ISO Cleanliness Codes and Standards, including Particle Counts and Analysis
  • Contamination Sources and Controls, with effects and results
  • Design of Dedicated Closed-Loop/Kidney Oil Conditioning Systems
Additional experience and training includes Single and Dual-line Systems and Applications including Farval, Trabon, Dropsa and Bijour, and component repairs and servicing for;
  • High Pressure Hydraulic Piping Design and Construction
  • Fluid Power Conduits, Fittings and associated Connectors
  • Hydraulic System Fabrication, Welding and Welding Codes